Henrik Smith og Hans Henrik Petersen

Bulgarien sortehavet pool

Albanien ferielejlighed stue panorama udsigtaltan

Bulgarien sortehavet pool

Our name is Hans Henrik and Henrik. We both come from Jutland, which is the mainland of Denmark. We live and work in Copenhagen. Hans Henrik is a goldsmith and Henrik is a social worker.

We have since 1992 raised many times in the New Europe and have been very pleased with the Balkan countries. In particular in Bulgaria and Albania. We feel in a way at home there. We have friends in these countries and this makes it just more fun to come back frequently. Both countries offer many surprises and fun. It's also very exciting for us to keep up with the great development happening right now in Bulgaria and Albania. So it had to end up we bought an apartment in that part of Europe.

Henrik Smith and Hans Henrik Petersen



We spend our holidays in the apartments with friends and family. But since we can not use the apartments all the time, we have started to rent them out. Of course it is a confidence issue but until now we have only had positive experiences with our nice guests.