Saranda has grown up around a small bay. Today there are about 30000 inhabitants. In the center, is the classic urban life with markets, ports, fishing boats, parks, churches, promenades, squares, cafes, ruins, shops, restaurants and more.

In the center of town is the beach where there are many bathers in summer. On one of the small mountain peaks surrounding the town lies a small castle which has been converted to a nice restaurant with great views over the city and the Ionian sea.

Outside Saranda there are many opportunities for excursions. "Blue Eye" has been incredibly nice place where cold spring water jumps out of the underground. The water comes in such enormous quantities that it immediately forms a river with clean clear water.

Butrint is a Roman ruin area each year draws some 1000 tourists to the area.

Both north and south of Saranda is beautiful beaches. Some are as they are ready to find and others you should look for. Common to the beaches is the beautiful turquoise water.

Nature around Saranda is characterized by primitive agriculture in low lying areas. Up the slope, there are plantations.

Few kilometers outside of Saranda is a small monastery located in an idyllic area on top of a mountain.


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